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Retire Well

for ages 50 years and over

Retire well with Belvedere Retirement Villages and enjoy the promise of a carefree lifestyle conducive to a content, well rounded, well deserved rest. The Belvedere Retirement Village Group prides itself on building spacious homes in well appointed retirement villages that are crafted for comfort and safety.

We have over 21 years’ worth of experience in retirement village development on the West Rand. With 10 villages to our name, when you choose to retire with Belvedere you can be sure that you are choosing the best for your future happiness and security.

Retirement Community activities

All of the Belvedere Retirement Villages boast beautiful and well manicured gardens. A community centre forms the hub of each village. In this central meeting place, which includes a library, you can enjoy a wide range of activities from exercise classes to bridge, bingo and much more. Visiting speakers are also arranged along with morning markets, bible study, golf days and more.

Worried about your safety? We have security patrolling the area 24 hours a day with local and immediate response time to any emergency. Alarmed electric fences surround each village. Belvedere Retirement Villages are entirely secure so that within the grounds one can walk freely as if in a neighbourhood of old. Although each home is private, the boundary walls of each unit are low so as to encourage neighbourly relations.

All Belvedere Villages are situated conveniently close to amenities such as hospitals, pharmacies, shops, sporting facilities and entertainment venues.

To make things even easier for you, our prices are fair and affordable. You can choose from many spacious homes within any of our 10 retirement villages for the over 50’s and enjoy our famous gardens and comfortable living arrangements whilst meeting new people and making lasting connections. Everyone shares one common goal: Live life to the fullest in a sociable, secure environment.

Retirement villages near shopping centres

Some Belvedere Facts

Belvedere is the largest independent retirement group in South Africa. We’re supported by a team of trained professionals and have helped many retirees find happiness and security in their retirement solution.



Retirement Villages

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