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What protection do I have, should I decide to invest in a home in one of your Retirement Villages?

The ACT on Housing Development Schemes for Retired Persons, Act 65 of 1988 protects your investment. The title deeds of each village will be endorsed to comply with the requirements of the said Act, placing it under the jurisdiction and control of the legal process.

Are there any restrictions on the number of guests staying over?

The ACT stipulates that only the registered occupant(s) may reside in the unit permanently, provided that you are over 50 years of age. If you have visitors or your children want to visit you, you have to obtain permission from the Management Committee if they stay longer than 14 days.

What happens to my initial deposit?

It is paid into an interest bearing trust account nominated by the Trustees and will incur interest for your benefit. If the Agreement is cancelled because of non performance the deposit is repaid with interest.

Are we allowed to make any changes to the retirement unit?

Yes, with the permission of the Developer you may make internal alterations to the unit. Alterations are restricted to a few basic changes. You need permission from the Management Committee or the Developer if you want to make changes to the exterior of your unit.

Are there social activities at the Retirement Village?

A wide range of activities are arranged at each village by the entertainment committee, making use of the clubhouse.

Are we allowed pets?

There is a great demand for pet friendly villages and the Developer has decided to allow ONE pet per household. You will still have to comply with the rules. Special permission is to be granted by the Developer/Management Committee for a 2nd pet. Pets may not exceed a height of approximately 30 cm (fully grown adult small breed dog, cat, etc). Pets may not be of any nuisance to the other residents. You will need to enclose your garden to contain your pet according to specifications at your own cost.

What will happen if I develop medical problems?

Should you require urgent medical attention, all Retirement Villages have easy access to hospitals, day clinics and 24 hour emergency services. People who are ill are handled externally or outsourced caregivers can be utilized.

What about maintenance?

The units consist of semi-face brick dwellings which provide high quality finishes and low maintenance. Gardens are maintained. Whilst on holiday lawns will be mowed and edges trimmed.

How do we know that we are making the right decision?

We have been building Retirement Villages for 28 years, offering the best value for money in comparison to other Villages in the area. The benefits associated with living in a community of people of the same age group are numerous.

Will I be penalised for the wastage of electricity by other residents?

Definitely not. The electricity of every unit is measured individually or by pre-paid meters. Therefore, you only pay for your own usage.

How is the monthly Levy utilised?

  • for the payment of rates and taxes
  • for the supply of electricity (communal)
  • water (basic and communal)
  • garden services (private and communal)
  • sanitary and sewerage services
  • general maintenance (buildings, intercom and communal internet)
  • 24 hour security and guards
  • management and audit fees
  • 10% reserve fund (reserve funds will be kept in an interest bearing investment account and will be jointly managed by the management association and the developer
  • general security and fencing
  • any other services to the buildings and land and any premiums of insurance, and for the discharge of any obligation of the management association
  • refuse removal

Do I still have to insure the contents of my unit?

Yes, the contents of the unit as well as damage to doors, windows, electrical and electronic equipment is the responsibility of the occupant.

Are there any additional costs over and above the purchase price that I need to pay?

There are no Transfer fees payable. Some villages require a deposit for electrical and post boxes. Your monthly levy, as well as electricity, will be your responsibility.


On termination of the agreement, refund your initial capital amount as per the contract.

What happens should I decide to move?

Notice must be given to the Village Manager who will inform the Developer. Arrangements will then be made in terms of your agreement to resell the retirement unit and repay what is due to you in accordance with your Agreement.

What happens if the retirement unit has any defects?

Any defect which is reported within 21 days from date of occupation will be fixed at no cost. The Developer will not be responsible for any defects on variations done by external contractors. Defects reported after the 21 days will be for the account of the resident and will be regarded as maintenance.

How often will the levies be increased?

Increases of municipal services such as electricity, water, sewerage etc. is usually the only factor which may require an annual increase in levies over and above annual inflation.

Security within the Retirement Village?

Every unit will have security doors at the front and back door, cottage pane windows with burglar bars and an alarm system for your security. A 1.8m brick wall with an electric fence surrounds the village. Security lighting, automated security gates, 24 hour manned gatehouse plus roaming guards, provides peace of mind you would expect from villages such as ours.

Could my children or a 3rd party assist me financially?

If a third party, for example your children, wish to assist you financially, the agreement can be drafted in such a way that these funds can be paid directly to them at termination of the agreement.

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